Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Me, 5 Years to Come..

Like what I'm five years to come?

        Five years to come of course I wish I own a small family with her husband and son. I have my own home with my husband and also have work in accordance with the accounting department. Five years from now I want to be someone who has a position in the office where I worked.

        Five years to come, I was a Nayla who will prove to the people who have been teasing me behind me that I was the one that can succeed and also thanks to the waffle of them all.

        Five years from now, my life would change, becoming more mature women in being and also in thinking, I want to be a better woman than before. Five years to come, be it all the fact that I was waiting. The fact that will change my life and the people around me. Broaden their horizons and socially so I have a lot of acquaintances for me career path.

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